Friday, September 27, 2013

Flower Children

It took us forever to decide on this theme
Until, one of us bumped into a photo and sent the link on the chat.

Flower children = hippies, because they always wore flowers.
therefore, our significant relevance between the name and our theme.
not just cause we wore flowers.

Todays theme:

Julia. Andrea. Charmaine. Kirah.


Julia chose to go with a cute floral dress and a long cardigan
To finish the cute feminine look,
she wears plain doll shoes
and her signature necklace.


Andrea tries something a little different.
Jumper with a sleeveless floral top.
since the colors were kind of dark
she adds in the white converse and
a white cardigan to match.


Charmaine rocks it with the print on print look.
The yellow floral corset
which i guarantee is so adorable,
with a floral printed polo,
beige jeans,
and red sequined ballet flats.


Kirah goes for the plain floral polo
and leaves the top buttons open
showing her black tube top
to make it a little less formal.
then simple jeans
and gold shoes to give it a bang.

Featuring Emy
(Check her out on Twitter)

Emy~ Happy birthday to an amazing friend.
I know it's late, but I hope your fine with this photo.

So cute because for some strange reason...
you always manage to match with our themes.

We featured Emy because its her birthday. <3
Hope you had a great one Em!
Stay funny, cool, and pretty


Outfir of The Whatever days