Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Varsity Look

Going to school with the typical Varsity look.
With the limitations of the school rules,
here it is.

by the way,
Secretly, we all play sports, can you guess who plays what?

"Varsity Look"



Julia, going back to her roots. Her college freshman look.
Kids big sized jackets have better fit for girls,
proof? Julias outfit :>
and from jeans? to pedals.
can't get any better


The Celtics jersey, sponsored by Kirah.
Everything else?
the first thing pulled out of the closet. :)


With beautiful kicks,
Charm the only friend I have
who can look cool, not cute
in cute colors.


Kirah the Athlete,
brought out the athlete within.
and brought it out in style.

Which look do you think you wanna wear?

Outfit of the Whatever Days

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