Thursday, September 19, 2013


So Im supposed to be uploading but I've been K.O. the past how many days.
Can't wait for next next week, when we only upload on Wednesdays. (teehee)

Challenge of The Day: Plaid

Even with a little miss communication,
we still managed to pull it off!



Typical Plaid polo, with short sleeves, paired of with adorable su├Ęde boots
and light jeans to give it that extra pop it needed to stand out.
So julia.


With a hint of modern,
The Knitted top, with the plaid polo tied at the waist
was paired off with Black leather pants, 
and the cross printed socks?
what can I say, I love socks.



She works her look by going with a lot of layers.
Simple white top layered under a plaid polo UNDER a green jacket
To complete the look, a brown belt,
with brown jeans
and dark brown kicks.


Today She goes for the Dark colors,
Dark plaid polo, over a printed sleeveless with a little of the black tube top
to give it an edge,
Then typical jeans
and sandals with a flower accent just to make it a little more girly.

Which look do you think you wanna wear?

Outfit of the Whatever Days

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