Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Chillin' Like A Villain

Back to the old style where we just put four of our shots in one.
The theme? a little more "evil"
Lets just say... we thought it'd be cool to go back to our old looks
#TBT much?

Challenge of The Day: Chillin' Like A Villain

Single Shots:


Stolen top from her sister closet. (LOL)
Beautiful Accessories that I will soon steal. Mwahaha!
She tops it all of with folded jeans and adorable black boots.
= Julia's OOTD


Again with the old maroon pants,
back to the star wars days
accented with a DIY skull necklace and swag shoes.
Since we can't get in school with sleeveless,
the polo had to do.
= Andrea's OOTD



Saying she went back to the old days.
Vintage necklaces and shiz.
"So highschool" -- her words
but somehow more put together
And studded sandals.
plus a muscle shirt from Rhipstop.
= Charmaine's OOTD



Kira's gone a little bit old school,
like "Back To The Future" old school
(movie was awesome by the way)
And simply paired of with white nikes.
Brings out her "CHOMBRE"
(Chamba Ombre *Chamba = Chance)
=Kirah's OOTD


Outfit of the Wash day

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