Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Super Heroes By Night

"Students by day,
heroes by night."

So we all watch justice league and everything.
and we decided, alright!
lets wear superhero shirts!
why not?

I'm pretty sure you know, which logo is who.


Julia. Andrea. Charmaine. Kirah


Julia sporting the flash with her neutral colors and her maroon boots
just to give it the edge it needed to look more eye catching.
The bag by the way, brown and beautiful,
sold in the Love Eleven Shop


Andrea wearing the super man look,
with the typical black jeans,
and "pumped up kicks" -- Charmaine's words.
Belt and bracelets, to give it that
punked out look it needed.


Charmaine working the batman polo shirt,
together with her everyday couple batman baller.
Might look plain, but wait 'til Charm wears it 
don't underestimate. 


Kirah and the batman shirt.
She goes for the simple look,
accentuating her entire look with gold doll shoes
and...car keys? the bat mobile (Jude)

Which hero do you wanna be?

Outfit Of The Whatever Days?

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