Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Striped out

The teaser was posted so last minute,
the theme was made the night before.
But it was all good!

From cardigans, to tops, to skirts, to pants.
Many different ways to wear your stripes.

And for anyone who's wondering...
All these photos were taken in CAFA. :)


Challenge Of The Day: Stripes

And for the first time..
Individual looks


Always loved the loose, casual look. Today I went with a grey color scheme. Ninja moves all throughout the day so the guards wouldn't get wind of the torn pants-ness  


Always loved the whole striped jeans look. When I found these... I just had to have it!
Completed with big sneakers that reminded me of a cartoon and a top, which overall remixed me of baseball, and i'm all set for an #ootw


Blue + Stripes = Nautical
Basically, that's my outfit inspiration, added some boots to add more "swag" as my classmate said. :)


Had to take a rest from all my closed shoes so here's me wearing my favorite sandals! Hair down to show my "chombre", chamba ombre, hair. XD 

Credits to Nicole Batucan for the shots.

Outfit Of The "WhateverDay"

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