Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Bringing the Good Vibes

Sorry I haven't been posting on time.
We're really busy.
And just to prove it,
we showed our busy feel in these pics.
*check out our stuff*
(we actually have more bags, we just decided to hide them)

"Today"s theme:


Julia. Andrea. Charmaine. Kirah


Julia and her trusty bag! 
She chose the color blue
and matched it off with a simple white knitted top,
and a black tube which pops out from under the white.
then the brown shoes,
to go with the bag.


Andrea and the pink jeans
match it of with a worn out blue sweater
and her signature "pumped up kicks"
then the heavy brown bag
and a pair of super shades for the hot day.


Charmaine with the red jeans,
 a simple printed black tee,
the spectrum ID sling,
and her own signature kicks!


Kira with the mustard yellow jeans,
flaunts it with a plain black top.
and to show off her busyness?
an Ipad.

We're extremely busy,
some graduating,
some presidents and vice presidents of their respective orgs,
and more.

not to brag...
But we're not just JACK for a reason.

Who can you guess is the busiest of them all?

Outfit of The Washdays

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