Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sport Your Converse

First post.

Where do you find a group people with completely different personalities? How would they even come together I guess just the love of fashion did the trick.

Who would have thought that fashion would bring us closer together. A little intro, We are Julia, Andrea, Charmaine, and Kirah -- J.A.C.K.

...The CAFA girls you'll see running around everywhere, who just wants to share different ideas and looks. It all started with a group chat we named #OOTW (Outfit of the Washdays/Wednesdays/Whatever day), then had our first name initials added in to make us unique.

We'll be posting pictures every time we get together -- Wednesdays, especially.
To all the Carolinians, having a problem with your Wash day OOTD?
we'll keep you inspired.


Challenge of the Day: Converse

(Left to right: J.A.C.K.)

Heads up! -- Next challenge: Denim Day





Outfit of the Washday

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