Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Late posts..

Its been a while girls!
we're delayed by around 2 posts more or less..
sorry about that. my fault.

We tried to go for a cute.. wait for it???

Did we pull it off?

Kirah. Julia. Charmaine. Andrea.

Julia. Andrea. Charmaine. Kirah.


Julia totally pulled off the whole look
with an adorable bun, big vintage necklace,
and boots to go with the light colored clothes.
you barely find sleeves like those.
cute right?


Andrea goes for the slightly mature look,
with jeans stolen from her mother closet,
the feeling of the outfit?
as breezy as pajamas.

by the way? top was modelled by Miranda Kerr <3


Charmaine goes for the innocent look,
the light colours and floral print accent her skin
and the cardigan going great withe the floral and embroidered dress
then simple sandals to keep the feminine feel.


Kira with the old but totally cool shoes,
pairs them off with a simple striped, lace top and dark jeans.
also going for the long necklace.
putting all attraction to her shoes.

keep you posted!

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