Friday, November 1, 2013

It's All About the Laces

So it's been awhile girls! 
This is one of our back logs...Sorry!
But as promised, here's our Lace day challenge! 
- K


Photos were taken from Iphone and 
because of the bad lighting and quality 
it made it harder to edit...


 She went for the simple,
dainty look...White top with border lace,
folded jeans and brown shoes.


Because she really loves 
her new laced stockings, 
with her sweater and that skirt, it
was the perfect day for her to wear 'em!


Our Chinita wears her 
classy lace top and black skater 
skirt with those black sandals.
Doesn't she look lovely?


She wears that floral 
lace top and to add some bang...
her signature
Dr. Martens!

Outfit of the Whatever-days