Saturday, January 11, 2014

Hipster Feels

Hipster (n. Slang)
One who is exceptionally aware of or interested in the latest trends and tastes.

So this quite a late post again, sorry guys. Everyone's literally so busy.
But here it is, we wore this in preparation for CAFA Week! The week long event's theme is Wanderlust, which very tumblr-y and hipster.

Our favorite picture to date! Love that the colors of our outfit are different but still, it works!

J went for a peace necklace 
over an "over sized" dress.
In maroon, no less, the CAFA color
and a very hip color nowadays
all of us cant get over maroon! Right, J?


A also went for maroon.
A great formula outfit
Wear this on a gloomy day
and still look fab and gorg like A!


I also went for sweater and boots
but instead I wore a pair of white jeans
finished off with "triangle" necklace
Idea of boots are warming up to Cebuanos!
We see them on wash days more now,
*happy dance*

K is in a sweater, too!
Paired it with a cute floral skirt,
stockings and oxfords
She finished off with her "LOVE" necklace
and voila! Her formula outfit as fab as ever!

Outfit of the Whatever-days