Monday, December 2, 2013

Halloween 2013

We know that this post is waaaaay overdue, but we've been busy, lazy and well our main blogger tends to spend late nights in their store.

Apologies for the quality, night shots :(


J went as a GYPSY
this outfit is sooo her!
She donned on some loose clothes,
a bunch or accessories.
 a scarf and her trusty boots.

Want to know your future? :)

A went as...Santa's helper (or wife, haha)
She wore a santa dress with
her lace leggings, studded belt,
ribbon headband and booted heels
Always details of edginess with this girl!

Have you been naughty or nice?:)

I went as--tah-dah--Little Red Riding Hood
I recycled one of my debut outfits,
sewed this red cape
and this basket from J for props.

Grandma, what big eyes you have?

K went as Sailor Moon
This Japanese girl went with
one of A's cosplay outfits
and black stockings and pumps.

 Not all soldiers are this pretty, aren't they?

Outfit of the Whatever-days

Friday, November 1, 2013

It's All About the Laces

So it's been awhile girls! 
This is one of our back logs...Sorry!
But as promised, here's our Lace day challenge! 
- K


Photos were taken from Iphone and 
because of the bad lighting and quality 
it made it harder to edit...


 She went for the simple,
dainty look...White top with border lace,
folded jeans and brown shoes.


Because she really loves 
her new laced stockings, 
with her sweater and that skirt, it
was the perfect day for her to wear 'em!


Our Chinita wears her 
classy lace top and black skater 
skirt with those black sandals.
Doesn't she look lovely?


She wears that floral 
lace top and to add some bang...
her signature
Dr. Martens!

Outfit of the Whatever-days

Saturday, October 19, 2013

"Outfit Of The Whatever-Days"

So finally we're back together after how 
many canceled meet ups because of the earthquake. 
at least everyones's safe right?

Just like how we are, 
we've pulled off another synced OOTD! 



With her black plain top, 
long necklace and high-waist shorts she got from
Julia displayed a hippie-stylish look. 


Biased by her own colours, 
she pulled off that demure look 
with the "skort" (skirt/shorts), laced tops 
and the wedge she has always 
wanted to wear again. 


Our working girl shows off her 
girl-next-door look. 
Plain white top and shorts 
with brown belt to complete it.


She wears her favorite black tights 
with that muscle tee shirt she calls her "lazy top".
To complete the look, 
she wears that brown sandals.

Outfit of the Whatever-days

Monday, October 14, 2013


It's finally sembreak for the college students.
That includes us!

Unplanned meeting happened yesterday.
but for some strange reason our outfits still sync.
we couldn't resist and just had to have a picture!

(not in order)

From left to right. Charmaine, Andrea, Julia, Kirah

Picture taken with an iphone.
no rules this time! can't wait for more outfits!

Sunday, October 13, 2013


Sembreak is finally here!
Say goodbye to jeans and say hello to 
skirts, dresses, shorts and leggings without worrying if the guard sees you!
We are so excited because we have a lot planned for the blog this break.
Keep posted :)

"Water. Earth. Fire. Air. My grandmother used to tell me stories about the old days, a time of peace when the Avatar kept balance between the Water Tribes, Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation, and Air Nomads....."
wait this isn't the Avatar,
It's just another one of our back logs.



Julia represents fire with her maroon skater skirt,
plus neutrals to make it stand out.
She was stressed with thesis,
but still managed to pull it off!


Andrea in an all white ensemble.
She wore all things not her in this outfit,
Her pretty smile, light colored outfit,
and flats! Pretty!


Charm all beach vibes
with her blue jeans and 
funky printed kimono top.
So ready for her sembreak trip!

Kirah with her simple green top
and her signature Doc Martems.
Looking tough and heavy like earth.

keep you posted!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Late posts..

Its been a while girls!
we're delayed by around 2 posts more or less..
sorry about that. my fault.

We tried to go for a cute.. wait for it???

Did we pull it off?

Kirah. Julia. Charmaine. Andrea.

Julia. Andrea. Charmaine. Kirah.


Julia totally pulled off the whole look
with an adorable bun, big vintage necklace,
and boots to go with the light colored clothes.
you barely find sleeves like those.
cute right?


Andrea goes for the slightly mature look,
with jeans stolen from her mother closet,
the feeling of the outfit?
as breezy as pajamas.

by the way? top was modelled by Miranda Kerr <3


Charmaine goes for the innocent look,
the light colours and floral print accent her skin
and the cardigan going great withe the floral and embroidered dress
then simple sandals to keep the feminine feel.


Kira with the old but totally cool shoes,
pairs them off with a simple striped, lace top and dark jeans.
also going for the long necklace.
putting all attraction to her shoes.

keep you posted!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Flower Children

It took us forever to decide on this theme
Until, one of us bumped into a photo and sent the link on the chat.

Flower children = hippies, because they always wore flowers.
therefore, our significant relevance between the name and our theme.
not just cause we wore flowers.

Todays theme:

Julia. Andrea. Charmaine. Kirah.


Julia chose to go with a cute floral dress and a long cardigan
To finish the cute feminine look,
she wears plain doll shoes
and her signature necklace.


Andrea tries something a little different.
Jumper with a sleeveless floral top.
since the colors were kind of dark
she adds in the white converse and
a white cardigan to match.


Charmaine rocks it with the print on print look.
The yellow floral corset
which i guarantee is so adorable,
with a floral printed polo,
beige jeans,
and red sequined ballet flats.


Kirah goes for the plain floral polo
and leaves the top buttons open
showing her black tube top
to make it a little less formal.
then simple jeans
and gold shoes to give it a bang.

Featuring Emy
(Check her out on Twitter)

Emy~ Happy birthday to an amazing friend.
I know it's late, but I hope your fine with this photo.

So cute because for some strange reason...
you always manage to match with our themes.

We featured Emy because its her birthday. <3
Hope you had a great one Em!
Stay funny, cool, and pretty


Outfir of The Whatever days

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Bringing the Good Vibes

Sorry I haven't been posting on time.
We're really busy.
And just to prove it,
we showed our busy feel in these pics.
*check out our stuff*
(we actually have more bags, we just decided to hide them)

"Today"s theme:


Julia. Andrea. Charmaine. Kirah


Julia and her trusty bag! 
She chose the color blue
and matched it off with a simple white knitted top,
and a black tube which pops out from under the white.
then the brown shoes,
to go with the bag.


Andrea and the pink jeans
match it of with a worn out blue sweater
and her signature "pumped up kicks"
then the heavy brown bag
and a pair of super shades for the hot day.


Charmaine with the red jeans,
 a simple printed black tee,
the spectrum ID sling,
and her own signature kicks!


Kira with the mustard yellow jeans,
flaunts it with a plain black top.
and to show off her busyness?
an Ipad.

We're extremely busy,
some graduating,
some presidents and vice presidents of their respective orgs,
and more.

not to brag...
But we're not just JACK for a reason.

Who can you guess is the busiest of them all?

Outfit of The Washdays

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Super Heroes By Night

"Students by day,
heroes by night."

So we all watch justice league and everything.
and we decided, alright!
lets wear superhero shirts!
why not?

I'm pretty sure you know, which logo is who.


Julia. Andrea. Charmaine. Kirah


Julia sporting the flash with her neutral colors and her maroon boots
just to give it the edge it needed to look more eye catching.
The bag by the way, brown and beautiful,
sold in the Love Eleven Shop


Andrea wearing the super man look,
with the typical black jeans,
and "pumped up kicks" -- Charmaine's words.
Belt and bracelets, to give it that
punked out look it needed.


Charmaine working the batman polo shirt,
together with her everyday couple batman baller.
Might look plain, but wait 'til Charm wears it 
don't underestimate. 


Kirah and the batman shirt.
She goes for the simple look,
accentuating her entire look with gold doll shoes keys? the bat mobile (Jude)

Which hero do you wanna be?

Outfit Of The Whatever Days?

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Teaser # 6

Can you guess todays theme?
from the stock photo,
it's pretty obvious.

You've noticed the teasers?
sorry, pretty busy these past few days,
with the exams and all the projects.
Please bare with us ><


Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Varsity Look

Going to school with the typical Varsity look.
With the limitations of the school rules,
here it is.

by the way,
Secretly, we all play sports, can you guess who plays what?

"Varsity Look"



Julia, going back to her roots. Her college freshman look.
Kids big sized jackets have better fit for girls,
proof? Julias outfit :>
and from jeans? to pedals.
can't get any better


The Celtics jersey, sponsored by Kirah.
Everything else?
the first thing pulled out of the closet. :)


With beautiful kicks,
Charm the only friend I have
who can look cool, not cute
in cute colors.


Kirah the Athlete,
brought out the athlete within.
and brought it out in style.

Which look do you think you wanna wear?

Outfit of the Whatever Days