Friday, September 27, 2013

Flower Children

It took us forever to decide on this theme
Until, one of us bumped into a photo and sent the link on the chat.

Flower children = hippies, because they always wore flowers.
therefore, our significant relevance between the name and our theme.
not just cause we wore flowers.

Todays theme:

Julia. Andrea. Charmaine. Kirah.


Julia chose to go with a cute floral dress and a long cardigan
To finish the cute feminine look,
she wears plain doll shoes
and her signature necklace.


Andrea tries something a little different.
Jumper with a sleeveless floral top.
since the colors were kind of dark
she adds in the white converse and
a white cardigan to match.


Charmaine rocks it with the print on print look.
The yellow floral corset
which i guarantee is so adorable,
with a floral printed polo,
beige jeans,
and red sequined ballet flats.


Kirah goes for the plain floral polo
and leaves the top buttons open
showing her black tube top
to make it a little less formal.
then simple jeans
and gold shoes to give it a bang.

Featuring Emy
(Check her out on Twitter)

Emy~ Happy birthday to an amazing friend.
I know it's late, but I hope your fine with this photo.

So cute because for some strange reason...
you always manage to match with our themes.

We featured Emy because its her birthday. <3
Hope you had a great one Em!
Stay funny, cool, and pretty


Outfir of The Whatever days

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Bringing the Good Vibes

Sorry I haven't been posting on time.
We're really busy.
And just to prove it,
we showed our busy feel in these pics.
*check out our stuff*
(we actually have more bags, we just decided to hide them)

"Today"s theme:


Julia. Andrea. Charmaine. Kirah


Julia and her trusty bag! 
She chose the color blue
and matched it off with a simple white knitted top,
and a black tube which pops out from under the white.
then the brown shoes,
to go with the bag.


Andrea and the pink jeans
match it of with a worn out blue sweater
and her signature "pumped up kicks"
then the heavy brown bag
and a pair of super shades for the hot day.


Charmaine with the red jeans,
 a simple printed black tee,
the spectrum ID sling,
and her own signature kicks!


Kira with the mustard yellow jeans,
flaunts it with a plain black top.
and to show off her busyness?
an Ipad.

We're extremely busy,
some graduating,
some presidents and vice presidents of their respective orgs,
and more.

not to brag...
But we're not just JACK for a reason.

Who can you guess is the busiest of them all?

Outfit of The Washdays

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Super Heroes By Night

"Students by day,
heroes by night."

So we all watch justice league and everything.
and we decided, alright!
lets wear superhero shirts!
why not?

I'm pretty sure you know, which logo is who.


Julia. Andrea. Charmaine. Kirah


Julia sporting the flash with her neutral colors and her maroon boots
just to give it the edge it needed to look more eye catching.
The bag by the way, brown and beautiful,
sold in the Love Eleven Shop


Andrea wearing the super man look,
with the typical black jeans,
and "pumped up kicks" -- Charmaine's words.
Belt and bracelets, to give it that
punked out look it needed.


Charmaine working the batman polo shirt,
together with her everyday couple batman baller.
Might look plain, but wait 'til Charm wears it 
don't underestimate. 


Kirah and the batman shirt.
She goes for the simple look,
accentuating her entire look with gold doll shoes keys? the bat mobile (Jude)

Which hero do you wanna be?

Outfit Of The Whatever Days?

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Teaser # 6

Can you guess todays theme?
from the stock photo,
it's pretty obvious.

You've noticed the teasers?
sorry, pretty busy these past few days,
with the exams and all the projects.
Please bare with us ><


Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Varsity Look

Going to school with the typical Varsity look.
With the limitations of the school rules,
here it is.

by the way,
Secretly, we all play sports, can you guess who plays what?

"Varsity Look"



Julia, going back to her roots. Her college freshman look.
Kids big sized jackets have better fit for girls,
proof? Julias outfit :>
and from jeans? to pedals.
can't get any better


The Celtics jersey, sponsored by Kirah.
Everything else?
the first thing pulled out of the closet. :)


With beautiful kicks,
Charm the only friend I have
who can look cool, not cute
in cute colors.


Kirah the Athlete,
brought out the athlete within.
and brought it out in style.

Which look do you think you wanna wear?

Outfit of the Whatever Days

Friday, September 20, 2013

Teaser # 5? or Inspiration?...

So this is more of an inspiration pick.
Good thing I found time to upload this,
my excuse? left the memory card. O.O

ladies and gentlemen...

"The Varsity Look"

FYI... no shorts involved.. sadly.
School rules.

Thursday, September 19, 2013


So Im supposed to be uploading but I've been K.O. the past how many days.
Can't wait for next next week, when we only upload on Wednesdays. (teehee)

Challenge of The Day: Plaid

Even with a little miss communication,
we still managed to pull it off!



Typical Plaid polo, with short sleeves, paired of with adorable su├Ęde boots
and light jeans to give it that extra pop it needed to stand out.
So julia.


With a hint of modern,
The Knitted top, with the plaid polo tied at the waist
was paired off with Black leather pants, 
and the cross printed socks?
what can I say, I love socks.



She works her look by going with a lot of layers.
Simple white top layered under a plaid polo UNDER a green jacket
To complete the look, a brown belt,
with brown jeans
and dark brown kicks.


Today She goes for the Dark colors,
Dark plaid polo, over a printed sleeveless with a little of the black tube top
to give it an edge,
Then typical jeans
and sandals with a flower accent just to make it a little more girly.

Which look do you think you wanna wear?

Outfit of the Whatever Days

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Teaser # 4

Teaser for later tonight?
Ugh... super late post.

Anyways Thanks to -J for the top!


Chillin' Like A Villain

Back to the old style where we just put four of our shots in one.
The theme? a little more "evil"
Lets just say... we thought it'd be cool to go back to our old looks
#TBT much?

Challenge of The Day: Chillin' Like A Villain

Single Shots:


Stolen top from her sister closet. (LOL)
Beautiful Accessories that I will soon steal. Mwahaha!
She tops it all of with folded jeans and adorable black boots.
= Julia's OOTD


Again with the old maroon pants,
back to the star wars days
accented with a DIY skull necklace and swag shoes.
Since we can't get in school with sleeveless,
the polo had to do.
= Andrea's OOTD



Saying she went back to the old days.
Vintage necklaces and shiz.
"So highschool" -- her words
but somehow more put together
And studded sandals.
plus a muscle shirt from Rhipstop.
= Charmaine's OOTD



Kira's gone a little bit old school,
like "Back To The Future" old school
(movie was awesome by the way)
And simply paired of with white nikes.
Brings out her "CHOMBRE"
(Chamba Ombre *Chamba = Chance)
=Kirah's OOTD


Outfit of the Wash day

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Teaser # 3

Another teaser.
On time-ish this time.

"Chillin' Like A Villain"

Wait for it!
We're gonna have bad*sses in CAFA tomorrow.


Striped out

The teaser was posted so last minute,
the theme was made the night before.
But it was all good!

From cardigans, to tops, to skirts, to pants.
Many different ways to wear your stripes.

And for anyone who's wondering...
All these photos were taken in CAFA. :)


Challenge Of The Day: Stripes

And for the first time..
Individual looks


Always loved the loose, casual look. Today I went with a grey color scheme. Ninja moves all throughout the day so the guards wouldn't get wind of the torn pants-ness  


Always loved the whole striped jeans look. When I found these... I just had to have it!
Completed with big sneakers that reminded me of a cartoon and a top, which overall remixed me of baseball, and i'm all set for an #ootw


Blue + Stripes = Nautical
Basically, that's my outfit inspiration, added some boots to add more "swag" as my classmate said. :)


Had to take a rest from all my closed shoes so here's me wearing my favorite sandals! Hair down to show my "chombre", chamba ombre, hair. XD 

Credits to Nicole Batucan for the shots.

Outfit Of The "WhateverDay"

Monday, September 16, 2013

Teaser # 2

So a little teaser for today?

Sorry for the late post,
I got lazy, then decided to do it anyways
just when I woke up.

The misery of being indecisive.



D-Day (Denim Day)

School decided to give us a uniform exemption.
The rules were, you can wear the colors green and blue.
The simplest theme we could come up with?


Check out four different ways to wear denims, 
from polos, to vests, to corsets, to even just jeans.


Challenge of the day: Denim

(From left to right: Julia, Charmaine, Andrea, Kira)
Sorry if I mixed it up a little, you can tell by the faces? we're stressed out kids.

Credits to Nicole Batucan for the pictures by the way!





Outfit of the Washday

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Teaser # 1

Heres a Teaser for tomorrows Challenge of the Day.

I know we were only supposed to have wednesday shots but..
theres a uniform exemption for the next two weeks.
So we decided "why not?"


Any guesses? keep you posted on the looks us girls have. :)
So psyched!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sport Your Converse

First post.

Where do you find a group people with completely different personalities? How would they even come together I guess just the love of fashion did the trick.

Who would have thought that fashion would bring us closer together. A little intro, We are Julia, Andrea, Charmaine, and Kirah -- J.A.C.K.

...The CAFA girls you'll see running around everywhere, who just wants to share different ideas and looks. It all started with a group chat we named #OOTW (Outfit of the Washdays/Wednesdays/Whatever day), then had our first name initials added in to make us unique.

We'll be posting pictures every time we get together -- Wednesdays, especially.
To all the Carolinians, having a problem with your Wash day OOTD?
we'll keep you inspired.


Challenge of the Day: Converse

(Left to right: J.A.C.K.)

Heads up! -- Next challenge: Denim Day





Outfit of the Washday