Saturday, October 19, 2013

"Outfit Of The Whatever-Days"

So finally we're back together after how 
many canceled meet ups because of the earthquake. 
at least everyones's safe right?

Just like how we are, 
we've pulled off another synced OOTD! 



With her black plain top, 
long necklace and high-waist shorts she got from
Julia displayed a hippie-stylish look. 


Biased by her own colours, 
she pulled off that demure look 
with the "skort" (skirt/shorts), laced tops 
and the wedge she has always 
wanted to wear again. 


Our working girl shows off her 
girl-next-door look. 
Plain white top and shorts 
with brown belt to complete it.


She wears her favorite black tights 
with that muscle tee shirt she calls her "lazy top".
To complete the look, 
she wears that brown sandals.

Outfit of the Whatever-days

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