Sunday, October 13, 2013


Sembreak is finally here!
Say goodbye to jeans and say hello to 
skirts, dresses, shorts and leggings without worrying if the guard sees you!
We are so excited because we have a lot planned for the blog this break.
Keep posted :)

"Water. Earth. Fire. Air. My grandmother used to tell me stories about the old days, a time of peace when the Avatar kept balance between the Water Tribes, Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation, and Air Nomads....."
wait this isn't the Avatar,
It's just another one of our back logs.



Julia represents fire with her maroon skater skirt,
plus neutrals to make it stand out.
She was stressed with thesis,
but still managed to pull it off!


Andrea in an all white ensemble.
She wore all things not her in this outfit,
Her pretty smile, light colored outfit,
and flats! Pretty!


Charm all beach vibes
with her blue jeans and 
funky printed kimono top.
So ready for her sembreak trip!

Kirah with her simple green top
and her signature Doc Martems.
Looking tough and heavy like earth.

keep you posted!

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